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Editor's Note

This notice was published in the October 1, 2010, issue (Vol. 2010, No. 20) of the Utah State Bulletin.

Editor's Note: Publication Error on the Filing for Rule R392-302, DAR No. 33873, in the August 15, 2010, Bulletin

The Department of Health and the Division of Administrative Rules have discovered an error in the text of Rule R392-302, DAR No. 33873, published in the PDF version of the August 15, 2010, issue of the Utah State Bulletin.

At Subsection R392-302-22(6), Table 2, markup should have appeared showing additions and deletions in the table. This markup, while present in the text filed by the Department of Health, does not appear in the final PDF version published at the Division's web site. However, the markup correctly appears in the HTML version of the published rule; see: http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/bulletin/2010/20100815/33873.htm

The correct text is reproduced below. Please note that the identification of this error impinges in no way on the Department of Health's ability to make this proposed amendment effective as planned. The Division regrets any inconvenience caused by this error.

R392-302-22. Safety Requirements and Lifesaving Equipment.

(1) Areas of a[A] public pool with water depth greater than six feet or a width greater than forty feet and a depth greater than four feet where a lifeguard is required under Subsection R392-302-30(2) shall provide for a minimum number of elevated lifeguard [chair(s)]stationsin accordance with Table 2. Elevated l[L]ifeguard [chair(s)]stationsshall be located to provide a clear unobstructed view of the pool bottom by lifeguards on duty.

(2) A public pool must have at least one unit of lifesaving equipment. One unit of lifesaving equipment must consist of the following: a Coast Guard-approved ring buoy with an attached rope equal in length to the maximum width of the pool plus 10 feet[, American Red Cross-approved rescue tube;] and a life pole or shepherd's crook type pole with blunted ends and a minimum length of 12 feet, 3.66 meters. The facility operator may substitute a rescue tube for a ring buoy where lifeguard service is provided. Additional units must be provided at the rate of one for each 2,000 square feet, 185.8 square meters, of surface area or fraction thereof. The operator of a pool that has lifeguard services shall provide at least one backboard designed with straps and head stabilization capability.

(3) A public pool must be equipped with a [Utah Department of Health standard 27-unit] first aid kit which includes a minimum of the following items:

[2 Units 1 inch adhesive compress.

2 Units 2 inch bandage compress.

2 Units 3 inch bandage compress.

2 Units 4 inch bandage compress.

2 Units 3 inch square plain gauze pads.

2 Units gauze roller bandage.

]2 Units eye dressing packet ;[.

1 Unit plain absorbent gauze, .5 sq. yard.

1 Unit plain absorbent gauze, 24 inches by 72 inches.

2 Units bandage tape.

1 Unit butterfly closures, 1 box.

1 Unit 3 inch ace bandage.

1 Unit assorted adhesive band-aids, 1 box.]

2 Units triangular bandages ;[.]

1 [Unit]CPR [micro]shield ;[.]

1 [Unit] scissors ;[.]

1 [Unit] tweezers ;[.]

[1]6 [Unit latex]pairs disposable medical examgloves[, 6 pairs per unit.]; and

Assorted types and sizes of the following: self adhesive bandages, compresses, roller type bandages and bandage tape.

(a) The [27 unit] operator shall keep the first-aid kit [must be kept] filled, available , and ready for use.

(4) Lifesaving equipment must be mounted in readily accessible, conspicuous places around the pool deck. The operator shall maintain it[It must be maintained] in good repair and operable condition. The operator and lifeguards shall prevent the removal of lifesaving equipment or use of it[Lifesaving equipment may not be used or removed by anyone] for any reason other than its intended purpose.

(5) Where no lifeguard service is provided in accordance with Subsection R392-302-30(2), a warning sign must be placed in plain view and shall state: WARNING - NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY and BATHERS SHOULD NOT SWIM ALONE, with clearly legible letters, at least 4 inches high, 10.16 centimeters. In addition, the sign must also state CHILDREN 14 AND UNDER SHOULD NOT USE POOL WITHOUT RESPONSIBLE ADULT SUPERVISION.

(6) Where lifeguard service is required, the facility must have a readily accessible area designated and equipped for emergency first aid care.



Safety Equipment and Signs

                          POOLS WITH            POOLS WITH
                          LIFEGUARD             NO LIFEGUARD

[Elevated Chair
   1,000 through          1                     None
   2,999 sq. ft.,
   92.9 through
   278.61 sq. meters,
   of surface area

   Each additional        1 additional          None
   2,000 sq. ft.,
   185.8 sq. meters,
   of surface area
   or fraction
]Elevated Station         1 per 2,000           None
                          sq. ft., 185
                          sq. meters,
                          of pool area
                          or fraction

Backboard                 1 per facility        None

Room for Emergency Care   1 per facility        None

Ring Buoy with            1 per 2,000           1 per 2,000
   an attached rope       sq. ft., 185          sq. ft., 185
   equal in length        sq. meters,           sq. meters,
   to the maximum         of pool area          of pool area
   width of the pool      or fraction           or fraction
   plus 10 feet,
   3.05 meters

Rescue Tube               1 per 2,000           None
   (used as a substitute[                     ]   sq. ft., 185
    for ring buoys when[                   ]    sq. meters,
    lifeguards are[              ]         of pool area
    present)[        ]               or fraction

Life Pole or              1 per 2,000           1 per 2,000
Shepherds Crook           sq. ft. 185,          sq. ft. 185,
                          sq. meters,           sq. meters,
                          of pool area          of pool area
                          or fraction           or fraction

First Aid Kit             1 per facility        1 per facility


[(7) A spa pool is exempt from Section R392-302-22, except for Section R392-302-22(3).

(8) The water temperature in a spa pool may not exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit.


Questions regarding this publication error should be addressed to: Nancy Lancaster, Publications Editor, Division of Administrative Rules, telephone: 801-538-3218, or at email: nllancaster@utah.gov.


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