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R23. Administrative Services, Facilities Construction and Management.

Rule R23-13. State of Utah Parking Rules for Facilities Managed by the Division of Facilities Construction and Management.

As in effect on December 1, 2016

Table of Contents

R23-13-1. Purpose.

This Rule establishes standards for parking at State facilities which are managed by the Division of Facilities Construction and Management.

R23-13-2. Authority.

This Rule is authorized under Subsection 63A-5-204, which authorizes the executive director of the Department of Administrative Services to adopt rules governing traffic flow and vehicle parking on state grounds surrounding facilities managed by DFCM, and under Subsection 53-1-109, authorizing DFCM to enforce traffic rules.

R23-13-3. Policy.

(1) The following rules pertaining to parking vehicles on grounds surrounding state facilities have been prepared in accordance with Subsections 63A-5-204 and 53-1-109.

(2) In preparing these rules specific attention has been given to the appearance of the grounds, presentation of the grounds at each facility to visitors, and optimal utilization of the parking areas at each facility for visitors, tourists, employees and individuals with disabilities.

R23-13-4. General Rules and Information.

(1) State of Utah Traffic Rules and Regulations, Title 41, Chapter 6, shall apply to all traffic using facilities under the management of the Division of Facilities Construction and Management.

(2) Painted curb color codes, intersection parking clearance, and all other traffic control markings shall conform with the State of Utah Traffic Rules and Regulations and all other applicable ordinances.

(3) All facilities under the direct management of the Division of Facilities Construction and Management shall have signs at main entrances designating public parking areas, employee parking, special needs parking, loading-unloading areas, bus parking areas and overnight parking areas.

(4) Employees with permanent disabilities - employees in this category displaying the disability license plate or disability parking permit shall be assigned parking in close proximity to their work at each facility.

(5) Employees with temporary disability - upon request an employee in this category may be allowed, by special permit, to park in disabled priority and public areas. The Division of Facilities Construction and Management should be contacted for this privilege.

(6) Overnight parking:

(a) Those employees who must leave vehicles at any facility are urged to contact facility designated security personnel to provide license numbers and expected return dates for security purposes.

(b) A designated parking area shall be established at all facilities managed by DFCM for employees to utilize for overnight parking between November 1 and April 1. Employees using this parking area shall be required to notify facility designated security personnel regarding the use of said parking area. Due to snow removal needs any vehicles parked outside of this designated area shall be subject to impoundment.

R23-13-5. Designated Parking Areas.

(1) Employee and visitor parking - designated parking areas for reserved parking and general parking for employees and visitors shall be noted on facilities signs as described above.

(2) Parking for the disabled - designated parking stalls, reserved exclusively for automobiles, including vans, displaying disability license plates or permits, shall be provided in all necessary parking areas. All parking areas will meet the minimum number of reserved stalls required by state and federal laws, rules and regulations governing public services and accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

(3) Employees with permanent disabilities - employees in this category displaying the disability license plate or disability parking permit or who justify specific need shall be assigned a parking stall in close proximity to their work at all facilities.

(4) Employees with temporary disabilities - an employee in this category may request a special permit to park in a disability priority stall or a reserved stall in a public area. The Department/Division Directors of the employee with a disability shall contact the Division of Facilities Construction and Management for this privilege. The Director shall provide the Division of Facilities Construction and Management Building Manager with the following information concerning the request: 1) type of disability; 2) length of time special permit will be required; 3) description of vehicle and license plate information.

R23-13-6. Parking Restrictions.

(1) General.

(a) Parking is prohibited in the following areas:

(i) Areas with red curb or otherwise posted are "No Parking";

(ii) All reserved areas for appropriate vehicles only;

(iii) All "Disability Only" zones will be strictly enforced;

(iv) Areas reserved for state vehicles are restricted for that use only;

(v) In front of any public stairs or entrance or blocking any public walkways;

(vi) Bus zones.

(b) Limited parking:

(i) Loading dock parking, where applicable, shall be limited to short-term delivery and service vehicles only, except as otherwise specifically marked in the dock areas.

(ii) Vehicles left sitting more than seven days will be considered abandoned and will be towed away, unless arrangements are made with the facility designated security personnel.

(c) The following areas shall be designated tow away zones. Any violating vehicle parking in these areas are subject to tow away at the owner's expense:

(i) Vehicles in front of or blocking any public stairs, building entrance, sidewalk or walkway; vehicles parking in or blocking any fire lane;

(ii) No vehicles, including service, delivery, or otherwise, shall park on any walkways;

(d) Construction or long-term service vehicle parking shall be arranged as needed by contacting the Division of Facilities Construction and Management's Building Manager and the facility designated security personnel.

R23-13-7. Enforcement.

(1) All traffic and parking signs and markings shall be strictly enforced by frequent observation and monitoring by facility designated security personnel.

(2) Facility designated security personnel shall be authorized to issue citations or other enforcement actions as may be necessary for parking control and regulation at all facilities.

(3) Those security personnel having full authority as peace officers shall enforce the State of Utah Traffic Rules and Regulations in their entirety including accident investigation, as well as parking restrictions established pursuant to these rules.

(4) Enforcement of these rules shall be accomplished in a prudent, effective manner including the following procedures:

(a) Issuance of citation for violation and subsequent payment of fine;

(b) Towing of any vehicle violating rules as listed above at owner's expense;

(c) Reporting employees who consistently disregard the rules to their respective department or division head for discipline; discipline for constant offenders should include a notice of the discipline in the employee's personnel file.

(5) Fine amounts shall be those set under the jurisdiction of the facility designated security personnel.

R23-13-8. Right to Waive Rules.

Notwithstanding any rule stated in this document, the Division of Facilities Construction and Management reserves the right to waive any or all of these parking rules if it is deemed by the Division of Facilities Construction and Management to be in the best interest or temporary convenience of the State.


transportation law, parking facilities*

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment


Notice of Continuation

February 20, 2013

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

63A-5-204; 53-1-109

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