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R70. Agriculture and Food, Regulatory Services.

Rule R70-410. Grading and Inspection of Shell Eggs with Standard Grade and Weight Classes.

As in effect on March 1, 2014

Table of Contents

R70-410-1. Authority.

A. Promulgated under authority of Section 4-4-2.

B. Adopt by reference: The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food hereby adopts and incorporates by reference the applicable provisions of the regulations issued by the United States Department of Agriculture for grading and inspection of shell eggs and the Standards, 7 CFR Part 56, January 1, 2005 edition, 21 CFR, 1 through 200, April 1, 2003 edition; 9 CFR 590, January 1, 2005 edition; and 7 CFR 59, January 1, 2005 edition.

R70-410-2. Handling and Disposition of Restricted Eggs.

Restricted eggs shall be disposed of by one of the following methods at point and time of segregation:

A. Checks and dirties must be shipped to an official egg breaking plant for further processing to egg products. Dirties may be shipped to a shell egg plant for cleaning. Checks and dirties may not be sold to restaurants, bakeries and food manufacturers, not to consumers, unless such sales are specifically exempted by Section 15 of the Federal Egg Products Inspection Act and not prohibited by State Law.

B. Leakers, loss and inedible eggs must be destroyed for human food purposes at the grading station or point of segregation by one of the methods listed below:

1. Discarded and intermingled with refuse such as shells, papers, trash, etc.

2. Processed into an industrial product or animal food at the grading station.

3. Denatured or decharacterized with an approved denaturant. (Such product shipped under government supervision and received under government supervision at a plant making industrial products or animal food need not be denatured or decharacterized prior to shipment.)

4. Leakers, loss and inedible eggs may be shipped in shell form provided they are properly labeled and denatured by adding FD and C color to the shell or by applying a substance that will penetrate the shell and decharacterize the egg meat.

C. Incubator rejects (eggs which have been subjected to incubation) may not be moved in shell form and must be crushed and denatured or decharacterized at point and time of removal from incubation.

D. Blood type loss which has not diffused into the albumen may be moved to an official egg products plant in shell form without adding FD and C color to the shell provided they are properly labeled and moved directly to the egg products plant.

E. Containers used for eggs not intended for human consumption must be labeled with the word "inedible" on the outside of the container.

F. Other methods of disposition may be used only when approved by the Commissioner.

R70-410-3. Packaging.

A. It is unlawful for anyone to pack eggs into a master container which does not bear all required labeling, including responsible party, or to transport or sell eggs in such container.

B. Any person who, without prior authorization, acquires possession of a master container which bears a brand belonging to someone else shall, at his own expense, return such container to the registered owner within 30 days.


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March 20, 2006

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January 24, 2011

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