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R70. Agriculture and Food, Regulatory Services.

Rule R70-530. Food Protection.

As in effect on December 1, 2015

Table of Contents

R70-530-1. Authority and Purpose.

(1) Authority.

This rule is promulgated under the authority of Section 4-5-17 UCA.

(2) Purpose.

This rule shall be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purpose of safeguarding public health and providing to consumers food that is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.

R70-530-2. Scope.

This rule establishes definitions; sets standards for management and personnel, food operations, equipment, and facilities; and provides for food establishment plan review, inspection, and employee restriction. It shall be used to regulate bakeries, grocery and convenience stores, meat markets, food and grain processors, warehouses and any other establishment meeting the definition of a food establishment.

R70-530-3 Incorporation by Reference.

(1) The food standards, labeling requirements and procedures as specified in 21 CFR, 1 through 200, 2013 edition, 40 CFR 185, April 17, 2012 edition, and 9 CFR 200 to End, January 1, 2012 edition, are incorporated by reference.

(2) The requirements as found in the U.S. Public Health Service, Food and Drug Administration, Food Code 2009, Chapters 1 through 8, Annex 1, and Annex 2, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21, U.S.S. 342, Sec. 402 are adopted and incorporated by reference, with the exclusion of Sections 8-302.14(C)(2),(D) and (E); and with the following additions or amendments:

(a) Amend section 8-103.11 to add:

(D) In addition, a variance from section 3-301.11 may be issued only when:

(1) the variance is limited to a specific task or work station;

(2) the applicant has demonstrated good cause why section 3-301.11 cannot be met;

(3) suitable utensils are used to the fullest extent possible with ready-to-eat foods in the rest of the establishment; and

(4) the applicant can demonstrate active management control of this risk factor at all times.

(b) Amend section 8-304.10(A) to read:

(A) Upon request, the regulatory authority shall provide a copy of the food service sanitation rule according to the policy of the local regulatory agency.

(c) In section 1-201.10 under Priority Item, replace the semicolon and the word "and" at the end of paragraph (2) with a period; replace the period at the end of paragraph (3) with "; and"; and insert a new paragraph after paragraph (3) to read: "(4) 'Priority Item' will also be referred to as 'critical 1' in the state rule."

(d) Amend section 8-302.14 to renumber (F) to (D), (G) to (E), and (H) to (F).

(e) Amend section 8-401.10(B)(2) to delete the phrase "and at least once every 6 months the establishment is contacted by telephone or other means by the regulatory authority to ensure that the establishment manager and the nature of food operation are not changed."

(f) Add section 8-501.10(C) to read:

(C) Meeting reporting requirements under Communicable Disease Rule R386-702 and Injury Reporting Rule R386-703.

(g) Amend section 8-601.10 to read:

Due process and equal protection shall be afforded as required by law in all enforcement and regulatory actions. Enforcement of this Rule shall be in accordance with title 4-2-2(J), Title 4-2-12, and R70-201.

(h) In section 1-201.10 under Priority Foundation Item, replace the semicolon and the word "and" at the end of paragraph (2) with a period; replace the period at the end of paragraph (3) with,"; and"; and add a new paragraph after paragraph (3) to read: "(4) 'Priority foundation item' will also be referred to as 'critical 2' in the state rule."

(i) After section 2-102.11 paragraph (17), add a new section to read: "2-102-12 Food Employee Training. Food employees shall be trained in food safety as required under 26-15-5 and shall hold a valid food handler's permit issued by a local health department."

(j) At the end of section 5-101.12, add: "The process shall be in accordance with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) C651-2005 for disinfection and testing."

(k) At the end of section 5-202.13, add: "Where the distance to the adjacent wall is closer than three pipe diameters, the air gap shall not be less than 1-1/2 inch."

(l) After the reference to the section number "5-202.13" in section 5-203.15 paragraph (A), delete the article "a" and insert: "an American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) 1022".

(m) After the reference to paragraph (B) in section 5-402.11 paragraph (A), delete the coma; insert the word "and"; and delete the text, ", and (D)" that follows the reference to paragraph (C).

(n) Delete paragraph (D) from section 5-402.11

(o) Add "8-7 Penalties; 8-701.10 State Construction Code

All parts of the food establishment shall be designed, constructed, maintained, and operated to meet the standards of the state construction code adopted by the Utah Legislature under Title 15A UCA. A copy of the construction code is available at the office of the local building inspector."


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March 27, 2014

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March 7, 2012

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