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R70. Agriculture and Food, Regulatory Services.

Rule R70-530. Food Protection.

As in effect on March 1, 2014

Table of Contents

R70-530-1. Authority and Purpose.

(1) Authority.

Promulgated under the authority of the Section 4-5-17.

(2) Purpose.

This rule shall be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purpose of safeguarding public health and providing to consumers food that is safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.

R70-530-2. Scope.

This rule establishes definitions; sets standards for management and personnel, food operations, equipment, and facilities; and provides for food establishment plan review, inspection, and employee restriction. It shall be used to regulate bakeries, grocery and convenience stores, meat markets, food and grain processors, warehouses and any other establishment meeting the definition of a food establishment.

R70-530-3 Incorporation by Reference.

(1) The food standards, labeling requirements and procedures as specified in 21 CFR, 1 through 200, April 1, 2008 edition, 40 CFR 185, July 1, 2007 edition, and 9 CFR 200 to End, January 1, 2008 edition, are incorporated by reference.

(2) The requirements as found in the U.S. Public Health Service, Food and Drug Administration, Food Code 2005, Chapters 1 through 8, Annex 1, and Annex 2, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21, U.S.S. 342, Sec. 402 are adopted and incorporated by reference, with the exclusion of Sections 8-302.14(C)(2),(D) and (E), 8-805.40, and 8-809.20; and

(3) with the following additions or amendments:

(a) Amend section 8-103.10 to read:

8-103.10 Modifications and Waivers.

(A) The regulatory authority may grant a variance by modifying or waiving the requirements of this Code if in the opinion of the regulatory authority a health hazard or nuisance will not result from the variance. If a variance is granted, the regulatory authority shall retain the information specified under section 8-103.11 in its records for the food establishment.

(b) Amend section 8-103.11 to add:

(D) In addition, a variance from section 3-301.11 may be issued only when:

(1) the variance is limited to a specific task or work station;

(2) the applicant has demonstrated good cause why section 3-301.11 cannot be met;

(3) suitable utensils are used to the fullest extent possible with ready-to-eat foods in the rest of the establishment; and

(4) the applicant can demonstrate active management control of this risk factor at all times.

(c) Amend Section 8-302.14 (C) to read:

A statement specifying whether the food establishment is mobile or stationary and temporary or permanent.

(d) Amend section 8-302.14 to renumber (F) to (D), (G) to (E), and (H) to (F).

(e) Amend section 8-304.10(A) to read:

(A) Upon request, the regulatory authority shall provide a copy of the food service sanitation rule according to the policy of the local regulatory agency.

(f) Amend section 8-304.11(J) to read:

Accept notices issued and served by the REGULATORY AUTHORITY according to LAW:

(g) Amend section 8-304.11(K) to read:

Be subject to the administrative, civil, injunctive, and criminal remedies authorized in law for failure to comply with this Code or a directive of the regulatory authority, including time frames for corrective actions specified in inspection reports, notices, orders, warnings, and other directives.

(h) Amend section 8-401.10(A) to read:

(A) Except as specified in paragraphs (B) and (C) of this section, the regulatory authority shall inspect a food establishment at least once every 6 months and twice in a season for seasonal operations.

(i) Amend section 8-501.10(B) to read:

(B) Requiring appropriate medical examinations, including collection of specimens for laboratory analysis, of a suspected food employee or conditional employee;

(j) Add section 8-501.10(C) to read:

(C) Meeting reporting requirements under Communicable Disease Rule R386-702 and Injury Reporting Rule R386-703.

(k) Amend section 8-601.10 to read:

Due process and equal protection shall be afforded as required by law in all enforcement and regulatory actions.

(l) Amend section 8-701.30 to read:

Service is effective at the time the notice is served or when service is made as specified in section 8-701.20(B).

(m) Amend section 8-803.10 to read:

8-803.10 Embargo, Detainment and Destruction of Adulterated Food Products Authorized.

(A) The embargo and detainment of adulterated food products is authorized under Section 4-5-5, UCA.

(B) The regulatory authority may place an embargo or detainment tag on food found to be adulterated and unfit for human consumption.

(C) The regulatory authority may issue a hold order to the person in charge or to a person who owns or controls the food, without prior warning, notice of a hearing, or a hearing on the hold order, where food or drink is handled, sold, or served to the public, but is found or is suspected of being adulterated and unfit for human consumption.

(D) Upon five days notice and a reasonable opportunity for a hearing to the interested parties, the regulatory authority may condemn, destroy or render unsalable for human food the adulterated food if deemed necessary for the protection of the public health.

(E) If the regulatory authority has reasonable cause to believe that the hold order will be violated, or finds that the order is violated, the regulatory authority may remove the food that is subject to the hold order to a place of safekeeping.

(F) If a hold order is sustained upon appeal or if a timely request for an appeal hearing is not filed, the regulatory authority may order the person in charge or the owner or other person who owns or has custody of the food to bring the food into compliance with this rule or to destroy or denature the food under the regulatory authority's supervision.

(n) Amend section 8-803.60 to read:

The regulatory authority may examine, sample, and test food in order to determine its compliance with this Code in section 8-402.11.

(o) Amend section 8-803.90 to read:

The regulatory authority shall issue a notice of release from a hold order and shall physically remove the hold tags, labels, or other identification from the food if the hold order is vacated.

(p) Amend section 8-804.30 number/catchline to read:

8-804.30 Contents of the Summary Suspension Notice.

(q) Amend section 8-805.10(A) to read:

(A) A person who receives a notice of hearing shall file a response within 10 calendar days from the date of service. Failure to respond may result in license suspension, license revocation, or other administrative penalties.

(r) Amend section 8-805.20 to read:

A response to a hearing notice or a request for a hearing as specified in section 8-805.10 shall be in written form and contain the following:

(A) Response to a notice of hearing must include:

(1) An admission or denial of each allegation of fact;

(2) A statement as to whether the respondent waives the right to a hearing;

(3) A statement of defense, mitigation, or explanation concerning all claims; and

(4) A statement as to whether the respondent wishes to settle some or all of the claims made by the regulatory authority.

(B) A request for hearing must include:

(1) A statement of the issues of fact specified in section 8-805.30(B) for which a hearing is requested; and

(2) A statement of defense, mitigation, denial, or explanation concerning each allegation of fact.

(C) Witnesses - In addition to the above requirements, if witnesses are requested, the response to a notice of hearing and a request for hearing must include the name, address, telephone number, and a brief statement of the expected testimony for each witness.

(D) Legal Representation - Legal counsel is allowed, but not required. All documents filed by the respondent must include the name, address, and telephone number of the respondent's legal counsel, if any.

(s) Amend section 8-805.50(A)(1) to read:

(1) Except as provided in paragraph (B) of this section, within 5 calendar days after receiving a written request for an appeal hearing from:

(t) Adopt subsections 8-805.50(A)(1)(a) through (c) without changes.

(v) Amend subsection 8-805.50(A)(2) to read:

(2) Within 30 calendar days after the service of a hearing notice to consider administrative remedies for other matters as specified in section 8-805.10(C) or for matters as determined necessary by the regulatory authority.

(v) Amend section 8-805.60 number/catchline to read:

8-805.60 Notice of Hearing Contents.

(w) Amend section 8-805.80 number/catchline to read:

8-805.80 Expeditious and Impartial Hearing.

(x) Amend section 8-805.90 number/catchline to read:

8-805.90 Confidentially of Hearing and Proceedings.

(y) Amend section 8-805.90(A) to read:

(A) Hearings will be open to the public unless compelling circumstances, such as the need to discuss a person's medical or mental health condition, a food establishment's trade secrets, or any other matter private or protected under federal or state law.

(z) Amend section 8-806.30(B) to read:

(B) Unless a party appeals to the head of the regulatory authority within 10 calendar days of the hearing or a lesser number of days specified by the hearing officer.

(aa) Adopt subsections 8-806.30(B)(1) through (2) without changes.

(ab) Amend section 8-807.60 to read:

Documentary evidence may be received in the form of a copy or excerpt if provided to the hearing officer and opposing party prior to the hearing as ordered by the hearing officer.

(ac) Amend section 8-808.20 to read:

Respondents accepting a consent agreement waive their rights to a hearing on the matter, including judicial review.

(ad) Amend section 8-811.10(B) to read:

(B) Any person who violates any provision of this rule may be assessed a civil penalty not to exceed the sum of $5,000.00 or be punished for violation of a class B misdemeanor for the first violation. Each day the violation exits may constitute a separate violation. For any subsequent similar violation within two years, the person may be punished for violation of a class A misdemeanor as provided in section 26-23-6.

(ae) Amend section 8-813.10 number/catchline to read:

8-813.10 Petitions, Penalties, Contempt, and Continuing Violations.

(af) Amend section 8-813.10(B) to replace the phrase "designate amount" with the phrase "$5,000".

(ag) Add paragraph 8-813.10(D) to read:

(D) The adjudicative body, upon proper findings, shall assess violators a fee for each day the violation remains in contempt of its order.

(4) The requirements of the Utah Uniform Building Standards Act Rules as found in Sections R156- 701(1)(c), and R156-56-803 are adopted and incorporated by reference.


food safety, inspections

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

September 25, 2008

Notice of Continuation

March 7, 2012

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