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Rules Effective Since Last Codification


Under normal circumstances, by the 10th of each month, the Utah Administrative Code is updated with the rule filings that have been made effective through the first of the month. The Division is currently running several months behind on processing and posting updates. Since the last update, a number of administrative rule filings have been made effective. This page is intended to bridge the gap between the code posted online and the rules currently in effect.

This page is typically updated with each Utah State Bulletin issue or Utah Administrative Code update. Therefore, it is possible that a Notice of Effective Date has been filed since this page was last updated. Please contact the Division of Administrative Rules if you have questions.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is provided as a convenience. An agency may withdraw a Notice of Effective Date prior to its publication in the Bulletin. Therefore, while it does not happen often, it is possible that a rule may appear on this list as effective for which the agency has withdrawn the Notice of Effective Date. Also note that this page does not reflect emergency rules that may temporarily be in effect.

See Rulemaking Definitions for more information about the types of filings listed below.

Pending Updates to the Utah Administrative Code

As of June 13, 2016, 03:29 PM, the following rule filings have been made effective since the Utah Administrative Code was last updated with changes effective through June 1, 2016

Administrative Services, Facilities Construction and Management

  • No. 40480 (5YR): Rule R23-25. Administrative Rules Adjudicative Proceedings.. Effective: 06/09/2016
  • No. 40481 (5YR): Rule R23-31. Executive Residence Commission. Effective: 06/09/2016

Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry

  • No. 40476 (5YR): Rule R58-2. Diseases, Inspections and Quarantines. Effective: 06/09/2016
  • No. 40478 (5YR): Rule R58-4. Use of Animal Drugs and Biologicals in the State of Utah. Effective: 06/09/2016
  • No. 40477 (5YR): Rule R58-14. Holding Live Raccoons or Coyotes in Captivity. Effective: 06/09/2016

Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing

  • No. 40298 (AMD): Rule R156-15A. State Construction Code Administration and Adoption of Approved State Construction Code Rule. Effective: 06/07/2016
  • No. 40486 (5YR): Rule R156-54. Radiologic Technologist, Radiologist Assistant, and Radiology Practical Technician Licensing Act Rule. Effective: 06/09/2016

Education, Administration

  • No. 40332 (REP): Rule R277-100. Rulemaking Policy. Effective: 06/10/2016
  • No. 40287 (AMD): Rule R277-419. Pupil Accounting. Effective: 06/03/2016

Environmental Quality, Environmental Response and Remediation

  • No. 40487 (5YR): Rule R311-600. Hazardous Substances Mitigation Act - Enforceable Written Assurances. Effective: 06/10/2016

Environmental Quality, Waste Management and Radiation Control, Radiation

  • No. 40322 (AMD): Section R313-19-13. Exemptions. Effective: 06/10/2016
  • No. 40323 (AMD): Rule R313-22. Specific Licenses. Effective: 06/10/2016

Environmental Quality, Waste Management and Radiation Control, Waste Management

  • No. 40312 (AMD): Section R315-124-34. Public Participation. Effective: 06/10/2016
  • No. 40307 (AMD): Rule R315-260. Hazardous Waste Management System. Effective: 06/10/2016
  • No. 40308 (AMD): Rule R315-261. General Requirements - Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste. Effective: 06/10/2016
  • No. 40309 (AMD): Section R315-262-10. Purpose, Scope, and Applicability. Effective: 06/10/2016
  • No. 40310 (AMD): Section R315-264-1. Purpose, Scope and Applicability. Effective: 06/10/2016
  • No. 40311 (AMD): Rule R315-273. Standards For Universal Waste Management. Effective: 06/10/2016

Environmental Quality, Water Quality

  • No. 40489 (5YR): Rule R317-11. Certification Required to Design, Inspect and Maintain Underground Wastewater Disposal Systems, or Conduct Soil Evaluations or Percolation Tests for Underground Wastewater Disposal Systems. Effective: 06/13/2016

Governor, Economic Development

  • No. 40483 (5YR): Rule R357-5. Motion Picture Incentive Fund. Effective: 06/09/2016

Natural Resources, Forestry, Fire and State Lands

  • No. 40482 (5YR): Rule R652-150. Utah Bio-prospecting Act. Effective: 06/09/2016

Public Safety, Highway Patrol

  • No. 40463 (5YR): Rule R714-160. Equipment Standards for Passenger Vehicle and Light Truck Safety Inspections. Effective: 06/02/2016
  • No. 40464 (5YR): Rule R714-161. Equipment Standards for Motorcycle and ATV Safety Inspections. Effective: 06/02/2016
  • No. 40465 (5YR): Rule R714-162. Equipment Standards for Heavy Truck, Trailer and Bus Safety Inspections. Effective: 06/02/2016

Transportation, Motor Carrier

  • No. 40468 (5YR): Rule R909-19. Safety Regulations for Tow Truck Operations - Tow Truck Requirements for Equipment, Operation and Certification. Effective: 06/02/2016

Transportation, Operations, Maintenance

  • No. 40474 (EXD): Rule R918-5. Construction or Improvement of Highway. Effective: 06/08/2016

Transportation, Program Development

  • No. 40466 (5YR): Rule R926-9. Establishment, Designation and Operation of Tollways. Effective: 06/02/2016

Transportation Commission, Administration

  • No. 40467 (5YR): Rule R940-1. Establishment of Toll Rates. Effective: 06/02/2016

Number of effective filings awaiting codification as of 06/13/2016, 03:29 PM: 28

Additional Information

For questions regarding the content or application of a specific rule, please contact the agency responsible for the rule. A directory of agencies is available online. For questions about the rulemaking process, please contact the Division of Administrative Rules.