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Rules Effective Since Last Codification


Under normal circumstances, by the 10th of each month, the Utah Administrative Code is updated with the rule filings that have been made effective through the first of the month. The Division is currently running several months behind on processing and posting updates. Since the last update, a number of administrative rule filings have been made effective. This page is intended to bridge the gap between the code posted online and the rules currently in effect.

This page is typically updated with each Utah State Bulletin issue or Utah Administrative Code update. Therefore, it is possible that a Notice of Effective Date has been filed since this page was last updated. Please contact the Division of Administrative Rules if you have questions.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is provided as a convenience. An agency may withdraw a Notice of Effective Date prior to its publication in the Bulletin. Therefore, while it does not happen often, it is possible that a rule may appear on this list as effective for which the agency has withdrawn the Notice of Effective Date. Also note that this page does not reflect emergency rules that may temporarily be in effect.

See Rulemaking Definitions for more information about the types of filings listed below.

Pending Updates to the Utah Administrative Code

As of November 30, 2016, 10:01 PM, the following rule filings have been made effective since the Utah Administrative Code was last updated with changes effective through November 1, 2016

Administrative Services, Administrative Rules

  • No. 40907 (NSC): Rule R15-1. Administrative Rule Hearings. Effective: 11/04/2016
  • No. 40908 (NSC): Rule R15-2. Public Petitioning for Rulemaking. Effective: 11/04/2016
  • No. 40909 (NSC): Rule R15-3. Definitional Clarification of Administrative Rule. Effective: 11/04/2016
  • No. 40911 (NSC): Rule R15-4. Administrative Rulemaking Procedures. Effective: 11/04/2016
  • No. 40912 (NSC): Rule R15-5. Administrative Rules Adjudicative Proceedings. Effective: 11/04/2016

Administrative Services, Archives

  • No. 41034 (5YR): Rule R17-9. Electronic Participation at Meetings. Effective: 11/30/2016

Administrative Services, Facilities Construction and Management

  • No. 40945 (5YR): Rule R23-32. Rules of Procedure for Conduct of Utah State Building Board Meetings. Effective: 11/03/2016

Capitol Preservation Board (State), Administration

  • No. 40814 (AMD): Rule R131-13. Health Reform -- Health Insurance Coverage in State Contracts -- Implementation. Effective: 11/21/2016

Commerce, Administration

  • No. 40948 (5YR): Rule R151-3. Americans with Disabilities Act Rule. Effective: 11/03/2016
  • No. 40949 (5YR): Rule R151-35. Powersport Vehicle Franchise Act Rule. Effective: 11/03/2016

Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing

  • No. 40763 (AMD): Rule R156-3a. Architect Licensing Act Rule. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40943 (5YR): Rule R156-28. Veterinary Practice Act Rule. Effective: 11/03/2016
  • No. 40941 (5YR): Rule R156-40a. Athletic Trainer Licensing Act Rule. Effective: 11/03/2016
  • No. 40942 (5YR): Rule R156-41. Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Licensing Act Rule. Effective: 11/03/2016
  • No. 40762 (AMD): Section R156-55b-302c. Qualifications for Licensure - Examination Requirements. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40944 (5YR): Rule R156-70a. Physician Assistant Practice Act Rule. Effective: 11/03/2016
  • No. 40764 (AMD): Section R156-76-502. Unprofessional Conduct. Effective: 11/07/2016

Corrections, Administration

  • No. 40994 (5YR): Rule R251-108. Adjudicative Proceedings. Effective: 11/14/2016

Crime Victim Reparations, Administration

  • No. 40833 (AMD): Section R270-1-4. Counseling Awards. Effective: 11/21/2016
  • No. 40806 (REP): Rule R270-4. Government Records Access and Management Act. Effective: 11/21/2016

Education, Administration

  • No. 40788 (AMD): Rule R277-109. Legislative Reporting and Accountability. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40789 (AMD): Rule R277-116. Audit Procedure. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 41032 (5YR): Rule R277-404. Requirements for Assessments of Student Achievement. Effective: 11/29/2016
  • No. 41001 (5YR): Rule R277-503. Licensing Routes. Effective: 11/15/2016
  • No. 41002 (5YR): Rule R277-507. Driver Education Endorsement. Effective: 11/15/2016
  • No. 41003 (5YR): Rule R277-512. Online Licensure. Effective: 11/15/2016
  • No. 40790 (NEW): Rule R277-513. Teacher Leader. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40791 (AMD): Rule R277-600. Student Transportation Standards and Procedures. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40792 (AMD): Rule R277-603. Autism Awareness Restricted Account Distribution. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40793 (AMD): Rule R277-611. Certified Volunteer Instructors and Material Approval Requirements and Process for Firearm Safety in the Public Schools. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40794 (AMD): Rule R277-708. Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40795 (NEW): Rule R277-715. Out-of-School Time Program Standards. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40796 (AMD): Rule R277-914. Career and Technical Student Organizations. Effective: 11/07/2016

Education, Rehabilitation

  • No. 40797 (REP): Rule R280-150. Adjudicative Proceedings Under the Vocational Rehabilitation Act. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40798 (REP): Rule R280-200. Rehabilitation. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40799 (REP): Rule R280-202. USOR Procedure for Individuals with the Most Significant Disabilities. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40800 (REP): Rule R280-203. Certification Requirements for Interpreters and Transliterators for the Hearing Impaired. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40801 (REP): Rule R280-204. Utah State Office of Rehabilitation Employee Background Check Requirement. Effective: 11/07/2016

Environmental Quality, Drinking Water

  • No. 40770 (AMD): Section R309-105-15. Annual Reports. Effective: 11/22/2016
  • No. 40771 (AMD): Section R309-400-12. Reporting and Record Maintenance Issues. Effective: 11/22/2016

Environmental Quality, Waste Management and Radiation Control, Waste Management

  • No. 40921 (NSC): Rule R315-101. Cleanup Action and Risk-Based Closure Standards. Effective: 11/04/2016

Health, Center for Health Data, Health Care Statistics

  • No. 40850 (AMD): Rule R428-1. Health Data Plan and Incorporated Documents. Effective: 11/28/2016
  • No. 40988 (5YR): Rule R428-1. Health Data Plan and Incorporated Documents. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40989 (5YR): Rule R428-2. Health Data Authority Standards for Health Data. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40990 (5YR): Rule R428-5. Appeal and Adjudicative Proceedings. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40991 (5YR): Rule R428-10. Health Data Authority Healthcare Facility Data Reporting Rule. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40847 (AMD): Rule R428-12. Health Data Authority Survey of Enrollees in Health Plans. Effective: 11/21/2016
  • No. 40992 (5YR): Rule R428-12. Health Data Authority Survey of Enrollees in Health Plans. Effective: 11/10/2016

Health, Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Services

  • No. 40958 (5YR): Rule R392-100. Food Service Sanitation. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40960 (5YR): Rule R392-200. Design, Construction, Operation, Sanitation, and Safety of Schools. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40964 (5YR): Rule R392-300. Recreation Camp Sanitation. Effective: 11/08/2016
  • No. 40962 (5YR): Rule R392-301. Recreational Vehicle Park Sanitation. Effective: 11/08/2016
  • No. 40959 (5YR): Rule R392-302. Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 41028 (5YR): Rule R392-400. Temporary Mass Gatherings Sanitation. Effective: 11/21/2016
  • No. 40957 (5YR): Rule R392-401. Roadway Rest Stop Sanitation. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40965 (5YR): Rule R392-402. Mobile Home Park Sanitation. Effective: 11/08/2016
  • No. 40963 (5YR): Rule R392-501. Labor Camp Sanitation. Effective: 11/08/2016

Health, Disease Control and Prevention, Epidemiology

  • No. 40765 (NEW): Rule R386-900. Special Measures for the Operation of Syringe Exchange Programs. Effective: 11/07/2016

Health, Disease Control and Prevention, Health Promotion

  • No. 40709 (NEW): Rule R384-205. Opiate Overdose Outreach Pilot Program. Effective: 11/07/2016

Health, Disease Control and Prevention; HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis Control/Refugee Health

  • No. 40846 (AMD): Rule R388-805. Ryan White Program. Effective: 11/30/2016

Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy

  • No. 40845 (AMD): Rule R414-60. Medicaid Policy for Pharmacy Program. Effective: 12/01/2016

Human Resource Management, Administration

  • No. 40774 (AMD): Section R477-101-18. Training. Effective: 11/07/2016

Human Services, Public Guardian (Office of)

  • No. 41030 (5YR): Rule R549-1. Eligibility and Service Priority. Effective: 11/28/2016

Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health

  • No. 40768 (AMD): Rule R523-11. Utah Standards for Approval of Alcohol and Drug Educational Providers and Instructors for Court-Referred DUI Offenders. Effective: 11/07/2016

Insurance, Administration

  • No. 41025 (5YR): Rule R590-91. Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Health Insurance. Effective: 11/17/2016

Labor Commission, Adjudication

  • No. 40803 (AMD): Section R602-2-4. Attorney Fees. Effective: 11/28/2016

Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents

  • No. 40804 (AMD): Section R612-200-2. Payment of Benefits, Interest and Attorney Fees. Effective: 11/28/2016
  • No. 40818 (AMD): Section R612-300-4. General Method for Computing Medical Fees. Effective: 11/28/2016
  • No. 40817 (AMD): Section R612-300-8. Travel Allowance for Injured Workers. Effective: 11/28/2016
  • No. 40815 (AMD): Section R612-400-5. Premium Rates for the Uninsured Employers' Fund and the Employers' Reinsurance Fund. Effective: 11/28/2016
  • No. 40819 (REP): Rule R612-500. Procedural Guidelines for the Reemployment Act. Effective: 11/28/2016

Natural Resources, Administration

  • No. 40839 (NEW): Rule R634-2. Health Reform -- Health Insurance Coverage in State Contracts -- Implementation. Effective: 11/22/2016

Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources

  • No. 40758 (AMD): Rule R657-11. Taking Furbearers. Effective: 11/07/2016
  • No. 40832 (AMD): Rule R657-41. Conservation and Sportsman Permits. Effective: 11/28/2016

Public Safety, Driver License

  • No. 40759 (AMD): Rule R708-41. Requirements for Acceptable Documentation, Storage and Maintenance. Effective: 11/08/2016

Science Technology and Research Governing Auth., Administration

  • No. 40657 (NEW): Rule R856-1. USTAR Technology Acceleration Program Grants. Effective: 11/16/2016
  • No. 40655 (REP): Rule R856-1. Formation and Funding of Utah Science Technology and Research Innovation Teams. Effective: 11/16/2016
  • No. 40681 (NEW): Rule R856-2. USTAR University-Industry Partnership Program Grants. Effective: 11/16/2016
  • No. 40656 (REP): Rule R856-2. Distribution of Utah Science Technology and Research Commercialization Revenues. Effective: 11/16/2016
  • No. 40682 (NEW): Rule R856-3. USTAR University Technology Acceleration Grants. Effective: 11/16/2016

Tax Commission, Administration

  • No. 40966 (5YR): Rule R861-1A. Administrative Procedures. Effective: 11/10/2016

Tax Commission, Auditing

  • No. 40967 (5YR): Rule R865-3C. Corporation Income Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40968 (5YR): Rule R865-4D. Special Fuel Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40969 (5YR): Rule R865-6F. Franchise Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40970 (5YR): Rule R865-7H. Environmental Assurance Fee. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40971 (5YR): Rule R865-9I. Income Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40972 (5YR): Rule R865-11Q. Self-Insured Employer Assessment. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40973 (5YR): Rule R865-12L. Local Sales and Use Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40974 (5YR): Rule R865-13G. Motor Fuel Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40975 (5YR): Rule R865-14W. Mineral Producers' Withholding Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40976 (5YR): Rule R865-15O. Oil and Gas Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40978 (5YR): Rule R865-16R. Severance Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40979 (5YR): Rule R865-19S. Sales and Use Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40980 (5YR): Rule R865-20T. Tobacco Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40981 (5YR): Rule R865-21U. Use Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016

Tax Commission, Collections

  • No. 40982 (5YR): Rule R867-2B. Delinquent Tax Collection. Effective: 11/10/2016

Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle

  • No. 40983 (5YR): Rule R873-22M. Motor Vehicle. Effective: 11/10/2016

Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle Enforcement

  • No. 40984 (5YR): Rule R877-23V. Motor Vehicle Enforcement. Effective: 11/10/2016

Tax Commission, Property Tax

  • No. 40985 (5YR): Rule R884-24P. Property Tax. Effective: 11/10/2016
  • No. 40747 (AMD): Section R884-24P-33. 2016 Personal Property Valuation Guides and Schedules Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59-2-301. Effective: 11/07/2016

Transportation, Operations, Construction

  • No. 40772 (AMD): Rule R916-5. Health Reform -- Health Insurance Coverage in State Contracts -- Implementation. Effective: 11/08/2016

Transportation, Preconstruction

  • No. 40938 (5YR): Rule R930-2. Public Hearings. Effective: 11/02/2016
  • No. 40939 (5YR): Rule R930-5. Establishment and Regulation of At-Grade Railroad Crossings. Effective: 11/02/2016
  • No. 40940 (5YR): Rule R930-6. Access Management. Effective: 11/02/2016

Transportation, Preconstruction, Right-of-Way Acquisition

  • No. 40935 (5YR): Rule R933-2. Control of Outdoor Advertising Signs. Effective: 11/02/2016
  • No. 40936 (5YR): Rule R933-5. Utah-Federal Agreement for the Control of Outdoor Advertising. Effective: 11/02/2016

Number of effective filings awaiting codification as of 11/30/2016, 10:01 PM: 106

Additional Information

For questions regarding the content or application of a specific rule, please contact the agency responsible for the rule. A directory of agencies is available online. For questions about the rulemaking process, please contact the Division of Administrative Rules.