S.B. 88, Administrative Rulemaking Act Amendments

Sen. Howard Stephenson is sponsoring S.B. 88, Administrative Rulemaking Act Amendments.  The bill amends Subsection 63G-3-301(13) of the Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act.  The bill “requires that, when a statute is enacted that requires agency rulemaking and the affected agency already has rules in place that meet the statutory requirement, the agency shall submit the rules to the Administrative Rules Review Committee within 60 days after the statute takes effect.” (S.B. 88 highlighted provisions.) The current language requires the agency to appear, whether or not the agency has a rule in place, if the agency will not initiate rulemaking explicitly mandated by a bill within 180-days of the bill’s effective date.

S.B. 88 passed the Senate on February 3.